Bringing the Power of Comics
to Populate the Collective Imagination!


Above as you can see, there is all the possibilities of creating content, I want to open every tab that is now gray, and produce exclusive content, but for that I need your support ... At the moment my availability is limited because I need Do other jobs to get money, but as I get support I will be able to release new tabs and produce a lot of art and comics.


We all want to find our place in the world, and we fight for it every day. After thinking a lot about what to do to conquer my own space.
I remembered a maxim I read... Make the comics you would like to read, the art you would like to see...

I've been studying over the years and experimenting with several possible ways to connect with everyone through art.

An idea came to my mind, a project
that I consider ambitious for a simple artist who doesn't have his name engraved on the roll of fame of the great comics artists and illustrators...

The big challenge here is how to keep the projects and get resources to supply my basic needs... Hi I'm Luis XIII, I love to draw, and I chose to make it my profession.
Art fascinates me in its multiple faces! I became an artist and I live from my Art.

Illustrating stories is incredible and brings me closer to the fantastic imagination, which allows me to escape reality for a period of time and offer this possibility to everyone.

It's always a big challenge for an artist to get into a personal project.

Fortunately, there are now some ways to get help for projects through crowdfunding platforms, you contribute the financial and I bring the rewards.

What do you think about being my partner in this endeavor?


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