Illustration and Comic Book Artist

Hi I'm Antonio Luis XIII, I love to draw, and I chose to make it my profession. Art fascinates me in its multiple faces! My romance with her begins when I, still very young, had contact with her magic through comics, since then I have dedicated myself to learning what is by definition
the Ninth Art.

Illustrating stories is incredible and brings me closer to the fantastic imagination, which allows me to escape reality for a period of time and offer this possibility to everyone.

Being an instrument of art is a privilege, and carrying a message that can be easily understood by everyone is a gift!
Art is POWER, feel that power and transform yourself!!!

Your Support is Very Important to Keep Work at High Level!

© 2006 - Antonio Luis XIII. All rights reserved.


Works Done for Different Clients

Below you can see pages from THIRD WAVE 99 - EXIERN - PATRIOTIKA and ROYAL BLOOD, all these works were made by Louis XIII at different times.


Who never took tests right?!

I did tests and more tests for different jobs in different periods, see some...!

© 2006 - Antonio Luis XIII. All rights reserved.


The Rewarding Work of Everyday

Drawing is pure magic...
and makes me travel in the fantasy World...
Illustrating ideas is one of my favorite parts, conveying a message through art is always a privilege!

© 2006 - Antonio Luis XIII. All rights reserved.